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THE GREEN-LIGHT | How a prequel to The Shining could legitimately be good

 § § ‘As you’ve probably heard by now, Stanley Kubrick’s masterful horror is indeed getting a prequel, set 20 years prior to the events Jack Torrance encountered. That’s correct: someone is daring to enter the same world so meticulously built by Kubrick and Stephen King in an attempt to give us something new.’ — — … Continue reading

FEATURE | The most gruelling movie shoots ever

— ‘Boyhood, released this weekend, took 12 years to make. In homage to the massive feat, TOAD takes a look at the toughest, longest, and most head-scratchingly difficult movie shoots ever.’ — — Check out my feature on the most gruelling movie shoots of all time, to coincide with the release of Boyhood, at Time Out Abu … Continue reading

FEATURE | Five Worst (Movie) Hotels to Stay At

— ‘Staying at Hotel Oldboy might not be the worst thing ever; Joe (Josh Brolin) is a money-hungry yuppie working his sleazy way to the top of the fiscal food chain in last year’s remake of the 2003 Korean classic, who’s ready to let others take the fall in order to make his buck.’ — Read my … Continue reading

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