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FEATURE | The Rocket and the South East Asia Movement

— ‘There’s been a small trend as of late; the landscape of small, independent cinema has taken to a particular geographical one, chiefly South East Asia. What are the forces behind this emerging (and to some degree, already established) trend?’ — Read my feature on the slew of Western movies set in South East Asia, ahead … Continue reading


I look back at the films I watched through the previous month, whether they were brand new in the cinema or simply new to me. Here are my thoughts.   May was a bit dry on the film-watching front – due to juggling an internship and my actual job. Now that’s over, June will hopefully … Continue reading

REVIEW | The Raid

What’s the best action film you’ve ever seen? — Let’s narrow it down: what’s the best action film you’ve seen that’s been released in the last five years? How about the last ten? In fact, can you even think of any at all? Chances are, no. That’s where Gareth Evan’s new martial arts extravaganza, filled … Continue reading

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