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INTERVIEW | Jeff Wexler

— ‘Jeff Wexler, Chief of International Division at Studio Ghibli, oversees the process that takes each Ghibli picture – including their most recent, The Wind Rises – overseas and accessible to foreign audiences. Speaking to us direct from Japan, Jeff talks about sticking to the director’s original vision, casting stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and how the studio’s … Continue reading

REVIEW | The Wind Rises

— ‘A legacy, by its own design, can only begin when something special comes to an end. It’s this same romantic ideal that has seen Hayao Miyazaki direct nine features for Studio Ghibli over twenty-eight years, and the same one that has led him to actively end his role as the Japanese animation giant’s creative … Continue reading

REVIEW | Kiki’s Delivery Service / Grave of the Fireflies

Studio Ghibli are making their foray onto blu ray; the latest are the classic Kiki’s Delivery Service and Grave of the Fireflies. Read the review here to check it out on The Quietus. —

Gary Green: Freelance film critic.

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