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INTERVIEW | David Mackenzie

— ‘With Starred Up, David Mackenzie has crafted an instant classic not just of the prison sub-genre, but one of the best dramas of the year so far. As his eight feature, the  movie treads new ground for a talent whose last high-profile movie was the Ewan McGregor-starring Perfect Sense, but showcasing astonishing performances from Jack … Continue reading


I look back at the films I watched in the previous month, whether they were brand new in the cinema or simply new to me. Dates are by UK release. Here are my thoughts. — — March. The most bleak month of the year. But it’s not all bad, right? Especially considering it’s been the … Continue reading

FEATURE | Starred Up: The Language of Prison Life

— ‘Of course, we’ve had hard-hitting and revealing movies in the same mould as Starred Upplenty of times before such as Scum and Hunger, but in not quite the same observational style. And that world, like any, is brought to life by observing its modus operandi; the language.’ — Read my feature on the language used within the prison … Continue reading

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