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THE FILM JOURNAL | December 2017

I look back at the films and TV shows I watched in the previous month, whether they were brand new, or simply unknown to me before. Dates are by UK release, and include releases straight to DVD and VOD. § § ☆ Unmissable Those pieces of work that prove cinema is one of humanity’s better endeavours. … Continue reading

The Green-Light | Rogue One’s Greatest Gift

 § § ‘Stakes. They’ve been missing from our blockbusters for a while. When was the last superhero movie you saw that killed off its characters? I felt rather sure of myself going into last year’s Captain America: Civil War that one of its heroes was going to kick the bucket. But I had a nagging … Continue reading

THE GREEN-LIGHT | In eternal defence of the Ewoks

‘I love the Ewoks. Always have, always will. Yet some of you hate them. Well, that’s not true: a lot of you hate them.’ Continue reading

FEATURE| Our favourite moments from the new Star Wars trailer

 § § ‘In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer in town. And now that we’ve all watched it 20-odd times each, it’s certain that you’ve got your own favourite moments; the parts that raise the most questions, excite and intrigue the most, the shot that personally moves you. … Continue reading

FEATURE | Hollywood movies shot in the UAE

— ‘Who can forget the photograph of Tom Cruise, the world’s biggest movie star, calmly sitting atop the world’s tallest building?’ — — Check out my feature on movies shot in the UAE, to coincide with the fact that part of Star Wars: Episode VII has been shot in Abu Dhabi, at Time Out Abu Dhabi (click … Continue reading

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