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~ #4 ~ Even after a number of years of struggling financially and not quite hitting the high artistic targets he set for himself, it could never be claimed that Stanley Kubrick was a man without promise. In 1956, he delivered on that promise and more with The Killing, a deft noirish heist thriller populated with … Continue reading

KUBRICK-BY-BRICK | Killer’s Kiss

~ #3 ~ After an ambitious soiree to a mysterious island in the middle of wartime, Stanley Kubrick chose to move in more domestic circles for his sophomore effort. Killer’s Kiss is set in the apartments, warehouses and dank alleys of the Bronx-born director’s New York City, in a story where the film’s landscapes and settings … Continue reading

KUBRICK-BY-BRICK | Fear and Desire

~ #2 ~ As his first feature-length film, it’d be natural to pinpoint Fear and Desire as the first time many people experienced a Kubrick picture. Unfortunately, the term ‘many’ would be wrong; the movie was only shown twice in New York’s Times Square as part of a double bill, and after that it was incredibly … Continue reading

KUBRICK-BY-BRICK | The Short Films

~~~ Introduction This is going to be some endeavour. As some of you may or may not know, Stanley Kubrick is by far my favourite director. Enjoying his films since being a teenager, his movies have informed what I watch and how I watch; the effect his ‘impeccable craft’ (not my words, but those of Steven … Continue reading

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