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The Green-Light | Rogue One’s Greatest Gift

 § § ‘Stakes. They’ve been missing from our blockbusters for a while. When was the last superhero movie you saw that killed off its characters? I felt rather sure of myself going into last year’s Captain America: Civil War that one of its heroes was going to kick the bucket. But I had a nagging … Continue reading

INTERVIEW | Charlie Cox

 § § ‘Charlie Cox may be the nicest man on the planet, but that hasn’t stopped him from playing one of the most morally conflicted superheroes of recent times in Netflix’s hit show Daredevil. We sat down with the British actor at a round table interview to discuss the surprising depth of the show, his … Continue reading

THE LINES OF OTHERS | Hollywood Has Always Been Original by Landon Palmer

— — There’s a ton of film criticism on the web. In this column, The Lines of Others, you’ll discover the very best writings on cinema (that aren’t found on FilmOnTrial), shared for the world to enjoy. Click below the quote to be taken to the piece’s original outlet, and continue reading. And reading. And … Continue reading

FEATURE | 5 actors who could play the new Spider-Man

— — ‘With the huge announcement that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have come to an agreement concerning Spider-Man – meaning that the character will appear in his own film and in the films of others – there was no mention that Andrew Garfield would be reprising his role as Peter Parker. According to Variety, … Continue reading

FEATURE | Marvel vs DC: Comparing the slates

— — ‘Right up until 2020, DC has announced a slew of superhero movies to rival Marvel Studios’ own output, and soon after, Marvel released their own extensive slate, itself running to 2019. We here at Flickreel are going to be taking a brief look at all of these planned films; what they may be … Continue reading

Ant-Man Gets the Wright Stuff

It seems that Ant-Man has been given some test footage to see if he works out on screen, directed by none other than Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World director, Edgar Wright. Read my thoughts about it all here at Guestlist Network.

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