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FEATURE | Thin Blue Lines and Beyond Edges: How the ‘dramatic reconstruction’ changed documentaries forever

— ‘Beyond The Edge is a tale of insurmountable odds. As a documentary recounting the 1953 expedition to the tip of Mount Everest, which saw Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Tenzing Norgay become the first to reach its summit, it takes quotes collected from the years since the journey and blends them with dramatic reconstructions of … Continue reading

INTERVIEW | Errol Morris

— ‘He’s won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. His debut is in Roger Ebert’s 10 Greatest Films of All Time. He was instrumental to solving a murder case. He made Werner Herzog eat his shoe. He needs no real introduction, for Errol Morris is one of the world’s best makers of documentaries, if not the best.’ — … Continue reading

Gary Green: Freelance film critic.

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