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— What are the best uses of music in cinema? How does a particular song help a scene or moment transcend itself? With this column ‘The Movie, The Music’, I’ll go into how a particular piece of music adds to what’s happening onscreen; how it elevates the tone, mood and emotion. I’ll be starting with … Continue reading

Top 55 Films of 2011

I watched an ungodly amount of films in the cinema this year. Me and the silver screen are now close friends; we had some great times, we had some not so great times. But there’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a movie, surrendering to the world displayed before your eyes; whether I enjoyed each … Continue reading


Drive 23/09/11 87% Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes ———- Neo-noir. Action heist. Dark romance. Tarantino bloodfest. Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn‘s latest picture, is a joyous stirring up of these micro genres, and one of the year’s best arthouse-actioners. Our unnamed anti-hero (Ryan Gosling) cruises the streets of sun-saturate LA, working as full-time … Continue reading

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