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THE GREEN-LIGHT | My long, torturous relationship with Trainspotting

 § § ‘In the lead-up to its bonkers-looking sequel, everyone I’ve spoken to seems to love Trainspotting, and so they should. But twenty-one years after its first release, approximately ten years since my first viewing of it, and two months since my re-watch, why don’t I love it too?’ — — Read at Flickreel. — — … Continue reading

REVIEW | Trance

— Tap, tap, tap. Danny Boyle denies his ‘national treasure’ tag. A knighthood, surely for the euphoric effect his Olympic opening ceremony had on us last year, wasn’t his ‘cup of tea’. So reserved from following the celebrated path effectively laid out before him (a path that probably ends with a statue being erected in … Continue reading


— What are the best uses of music in cinema? How does a particular song help a scene or moment transcend itself? With this column ‘The Movie, The Music’, I’ll go into how a particular piece of music adds to what’s happening onscreen; how it elevates the tone, mood and emotion. This week, I’ll be … Continue reading

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