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FEATURE | The Nolanverse: A Christopher Nolan retrospective

— — ‘The long-awaited sci-fi epic Interstellar is finally here, and hype is at fever pitch – but watching Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey travel to distant worlds over the vastness of space and time is only one reason Flickreel are excited. We’re also looking forward to Interstellar because it’s a new Christopher Nolan film. The British-American … Continue reading

Superman: A few thoughts from a friend.

Fellow blogger Jamie Jones (his exquisitely attuned and observational blog can be found here) has written a brief(ish) bit of prose concerning Superman’s portrayal in today’s society. Take note, Zack Snyder. — ‘If Superman were to exist today in this weary, cynical society, many people would be unable to accept or truly believe in him, sowing … Continue reading


Cinematic excellence doesn’t have to come in 90-minute slabs, so here I look at the very best short movies around. If you’ve got a little spare time, bang one of these beauties on – satisfaction guaranteed. — #4: Doodlebug [1997] Every master has to start out somewhere, and Doodlebug is an apt introduction for Christopher Nolan. … Continue reading

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