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THE FILM JOURNAL | December 2016

I look back at the films and TV shows I watched in the previous month, whether they were brand new, or simply unknown to me before. Dates are by UK release, and include releases straight to DVD and VOD. § § ☆ Unmissable Those pieces of work that prove cinema is one of humanity’s better endeavours. … Continue reading

The 140 Best Films of 2016 | The Complete List

~~~ ~~~ Welcome to the 140 Best Films of 2016. Over the past year, movies have increasingly found their way to us by means other than the cinema, such as VOD platforms like Netflix and Amazon, and in some cases, releases straight to DVD. Every outlet has given us some of 2016’s best films, so since this … Continue reading

The 100 Best Films of 2015 | #100 – #51

~ It’s that time again: to undertake the mammoth task of organising the best movies from across the year, and squeezing them into a list that will – hopefully – provide a sort of map of 2015’s cinematic landscape. Honourable mentions: Tangerine, Listen to Me Marlon, The Wonders (Le meraviglie), Bad Hair (Pelo Malo), Mr. Holmes, London Road, Glassland, John Wick, … Continue reading

The 100 Best Films of 2014 | #100 – #51

§ 2014 felt like a year of transition. 2013 was a truly astounding 12 months of modern-classic making bravura, while we sit patiently in acknowledgement that 2015 will be the Age of the Tentpole. Wedged between these two mammoth years, what could 2014 possibly hope to offer? To my pleasant surprise, we got a franchise … Continue reading

The Secret Cinema ‘Back to the Future’ checklist for not being an arsehole

Below is a useful Q&A-style ‘checklist’ to help you figure out if you’re being a complete arsehole concerning the very recent cancellation of Secret Cinema’s opening night of Back to the Future.   — Read up on the news here. — Q: Did the organisers want to cancel the event a mere two hours before the first … Continue reading

How Ricky Gervais Predicted Mrs. Brown’s Boys

— — When I first learnt of Mrs. Brown’s existence, I may have smiled, sighed, or even both. Upon watching, for the first time, the absurd antics of a swearing granny during a ‘greatest hits’ YouTube clip, which had put together the apparently funniest moments from the extraordinarily popular T.V. series, I realised what I … Continue reading

The Best Films of 2014… So Far

— — Halfway there. It’s been a fantastic year so far; we’ve covered profound ontological territory in Her, revelled in the Coen brother’s best film in years with Inside Llewyn Davis, and  travelled through time both ingeniously (Edge of Tomorrow) and poetically (Boyhood) – and with Frank and 22 Jump Street, laughed our arses off along the way. Things are … Continue reading

INTERVIEW | Crispin Glover

— ‘Innovative filmmaker Crispin Glover is soon set to tour a series of cinemas across the UK, showing his films such as It Is Fine! Everything is Fine., and What Is It?, along with slideshows, Q&As and book signings. Ahead of his arrival, we asked him three questions – and here are his fascinating, unedited … Continue reading

INTERVIEW | Sam Claflin

— ‘Sam Claflin, fresh off the success of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, is starring as the lead in a brand new flick from Hammer Horror, The Quiet Ones. He spoke to HeyUGuys about his career so far, how it was to be behind the camera for a change, and how much it takes to scare … Continue reading


— ‘With his debut feature Honour – starring Paddy Considine and Aiysha Hart – out now in cinemas across Britain, we had the distinct pleasure of discussing the project with the film’s writer and director, Shan Khan.’ — Check out my interview with Shan Khan, director of Honour starring Paddy Considine, at HeyUGuys (click quote above … Continue reading

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