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THE GREEN-LIGHT | Split and M. Night Shyamalan’s terribly exciting promise

 § § ‘Like most Shyamalan films – The Sixth Sense, The Village, even The Visit – a lot of hype surrounds the twist at the movie’s end. But that hype is next-level, for the ‘twist’ is of a different ilk to the director’s previous plot U-turns.’ — — Read at Flickreel. — — Follow the editor @GaryGreenScreen … Continue reading

THE GREEN-LIGHT | My long, torturous relationship with Trainspotting

 § § ‘In the lead-up to its bonkers-looking sequel, everyone I’ve spoken to seems to love Trainspotting, and so they should. But twenty-one years after its first release, approximately ten years since my first viewing of it, and two months since my re-watch, why don’t I love it too?’ — — Read at Flickreel. — — … Continue reading

The Green-Light | Rogue One’s Greatest Gift

 § § ‘Stakes. They’ve been missing from our blockbusters for a while. When was the last superhero movie you saw that killed off its characters? I felt rather sure of myself going into last year’s Captain America: Civil War that one of its heroes was going to kick the bucket. But I had a nagging … Continue reading

The Contradiction of Inclusivity at the Heart of Harry Potter

 § § ‘The seven-book story preaches the triumph of love in the face of overwhelming evil, and does service to that theme rather beautifully — but tragically, it’s all laid over a groundwork of institutionalised elitism and superiority. It’s a dark contradiction at the centre of a beloved property.’ — — Read at Film School Rejects. — — … Continue reading

THE GREEN-LIGHT | Why Silence could be Martin Scorsese’s best film

 § § ‘Yes, the title to this piece alone invites controversy. How could any film directed by Martin Scorsese possibly be better than the likes of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, or Goodfellas? My answer is simple: Jesus.’ — — Read at Flickreel. — — Follow the editor @GaryGreenScreen —

Today, Despair. Tomorrow, Hope.

~ A film blog does something a little different. ~ ~ ~ It’s not often you wake up and find that the world has actually changed. The UK has voted to leave the EU, a decision that will affect the everyday lives of each of us. Of course, we won’t actually be leaving for another … Continue reading

THE GREEN-LIGHT | The 15 Best Movies of 2016 So Far

 § § ‘So we’ve just passed the midpoint of 2016. Goes quick, right? Six months’ worth of cinema can see the entry of multiple movies into the pop culture canon, while others hit hard in the arthouse crowd; either way, these are the best films (unranked, alphabetical) I’ve seen so far of 2016.’ — — … Continue reading

Everything Wrong With Batman v Superman #4: Location, Location, Location

 § § ‘There are two reasons why watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is like being lost at sea. Firstly, it’s just an awful, awful experience. Secondly, you never know exactly where on earth you are – and in most cases, that’s quite literally the case.’ — — Read at Flickreel. — — Follow the … Continue reading

Everything Wrong With Batman v Superman #3: The Bombing Scene

 § § ‘Oh boy. The bombing scene. The. Bombing. Scene. THE BOMBING SCENE. I’m just trying out different ways of saying the same sentence, in order for me to fully process the evil these particular few minutes affect the film.’ — — Read at Flickreel. — — Follow the editor @GaryGreenScreen —

Everything Wrong With Batman v Superman #2: The dream sequences

 § § ‘Like a pimp desperately trying to sell one of his more coke-addled ladies to uninterested men on the street, the trailers for Batman v Superman heavily touted a scene in which Batman finds himself in an apocalyptic wasteland, fending off henchmen before coming face-to-face with Super(grumpy)man. Turns out this entire sequence is a … Continue reading

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