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INTERVIEW | Kevin Macdonald

— ‘His latest film, How I Live Now, which was released last year, is being released on DVD on February 10th – and to celebrate that fact, he dedicated some of his precious time to give HeyUGuys the lowdown on why young actors are better than old ones, his fondness for pulling the rug from … Continue reading

INTERVIEW | Gaby Hoffmann

— ‘Playing Crystal Fairy – a hippie who embarks on a trip across Chile to take hallucinogenic drugs on the beach with her new friend Jamie (Michael Cera) amongst others, the former child actress – starring in films such as Uncle Buck and Field of Dreams – shows off a different side to herself that … Continue reading

INTERVIEW | Marc Singer

— ‘Marc Singer’s groundbreaking documentary Dark Days is available on DVD and download from February 10th. It shines a light on a largely forgotten sect of homeless people living in the railway tunnels of New York City in the nineties; living away from harshness of the street, the ‘Tunnel People’ of NYC built their own … Continue reading

A quick word with Joss Whedon.

— FilmOnTrial caught up for a quick word with Joss Whedon at the Glasgow Film Festival over the weekend, where he was promoting his latest movie Much Ado About Nothing. The cult hero who helmed Avengers Assemble, Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer was keen to express the development of his latest Marvel universe project, the TV show S.H.I.E.L.D. Here’s what … Continue reading


Tom Lawes, director of The Last Projectionist and owner of The Electric Cinema in Birmingham, took some time to talk with FilmOnTrial on the loss of the projectionist, and the rise of digital cinema. — When you were making The Last Projectionist, was there any hope – even the slightest – that it might help spur … Continue reading

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