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THE 100 BEST FILMS OF 2013 | #100 – 51

—ddds Next: #50 – 41   — It’s that time of year again; the awkward and busy period between Christmas and New Year’s in which I hastily catch up with movies I haven’t gotten round to see yet, make consistently difficult decisions as to which order they should go in, and then write it all … Continue reading

Top 50 Films of 2012

— 2012 was a year of anticipation: in twelve brief months, we expected the arrival of some of the biggest films cinema has ever known. Avengers Assemble, Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. As the months progressed, it was clear that documentaries were having a strong year with The Imposter, Marley and West of … Continue reading

One-Room Wonders

With the recent release of Roman Polanski’s Carnage, which takes place almost exclusively inside the space of an apartment, it got me thinking about other films with the same concept: all action essentially taking place within four walls, relying on strong characters and no cinematic tropes such as flashbacks. Generally, despite sounding as exciting as … Continue reading

I Am Michael Fassbender…

… and I’m in everything. I first won the attention of critics in Steve McQueen’s (no, not the dead one) Hunger in 2008 and then started my snowballing run of success with Quentin Tarantino’s (definitely not dead) Inglourious Basterds. It’s evident that we have some serious home-grown talent mugging it out in Hollywood – that’s … Continue reading

The Artist: Bringing it Back Home.

I’ve just been to see The Artist. You know, the black and white one with no talking. This silent movie is taking the film world by storm. It’s easy to see why: it’s taking cinema back to its roots, its emotional core. Why watch inane Michael Baysplosions when you can gaze upon a human face, … Continue reading

Top 55 Films of 2011

I watched an ungodly amount of films in the cinema this year. Me and the silver screen are now close friends; we had some great times, we had some not so great times. But there’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a movie, surrendering to the world displayed before your eyes; whether I enjoyed each … Continue reading

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