The Lines of Others

THE LINES OF OTHERS | How ‘Selma’ Got Smeared

The Lines of Others
There’s a ton of film criticism on the web. In this column, The Lines of Others, you’ll discover the very best writings on cinema (that aren’t found on FilmOnTrial), shared for the world to enjoy. Click below the quote to be taken to the piece’s original outlet, and continue reading. And reading. And reading.


How ‘Selma’ Got Smeared
By Mark Harris:


‘I would add that the only way to come out of Selma viewing it as a pack of lies is if you walked in expecting to see a documentary. It’s a bit like the axiom — popularized just a year after the Selma protests — that if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail: If you define historical drama as a failed, sloppy version of history, then of course the natural way to discuss it is in the language of preemption and condemnation, a language that is also ideally suited to a click-driven, bullet-points culture: “What [X] Gets Wrong About [Y]” or “What’s True and What’s a Lie in [X]” or “How [X] Distorts Reality.”’

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