The Lines of Others

THE LINES OF OTHERS | Joe Swanberg (Happy Christmas) Talks Jake Kasdan’s Sex Tape

There’s a ton of film criticism on the web. In this column, The Lines of Others, you’ll discover the very best writings on cinema (that aren’t found on FilmOnTrial), shared for the world to enjoy. Click below the quote to be taken to the piece’s original outlet, and continue reading. And reading. And reading.


The Lines of Others

Joe Swanberg (Happy Christmas) Talks Jake Kasdan’s Sex Tape
By Joe Swanberg:

‘Jay, Jason Segel’s character in the new film Sex Tape, apparently buys so many new models of iPads that he has gifted about 10 older models to friends, family and acquaintances (such as the mailman) over the years. Early in the film, he explains some convoluted system that requires him to have two iPads at a time for his massive music collection, but then we find out he bought this latest model because of its higher resolution screen.

I wasn’t sure why he needed the fancy screen if he was just listening to music on the things, but it soon became clear that the filmmakers were bending over backwards to tell an analog story in a digital age.’

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