The Lines of Others

The Lines of Others | Beyond Spectacular by Alex Billington

There’s a ton of film criticism on the web. In this column, The Lines of Others, you’ll discover the very best writings on cinema (that aren’t found on FilmOnTrial), shared for the world to enjoy. Click below the quote to be taken to the piece’s original outlet, and continue reading. And reading. And reading.


The Lines of Others

Beyond Spectacular: Experiencing ‘2001’ in 70mm; ‘Interstellar’ is Next
By Alex Billington:

‘Which is what leads us right into the next iteration of 2001. After 10 years of Batman, billions in box office earned, Christopher Nolan is finally going big and bold and bring us his 2001: A Space Odyssey in the form of Interstellar. Or so I believe. Deep, down I have this feeling that in November we’re going to experience something on this scale, with this much thought put into it, with the same drive to make us believe in the power of the spectacular. To show us just how far our imagination can take us, how much the cinematic experience is still alive today. 2001 has influenced so many filmmakers ever since it was released, from Alfonso Cuarón to Steven Spielberg to Nolan, and will continue to influence as time goes on.’

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