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THE 100 BEST FILMS OF 2013 | #100 – 51

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It’s that time of year again;

the awkward and busy period between Christmas and New Year’s in which I hastily catch up with movies I haven’t gotten round to see yet, make consistently difficult decisions as to which order they should go in, and then write it all up in this mammoth countdown. And it’s all crushingly pointless; my list isn’t the definitive one. Neither is any other blogger’s. Neither is Empire‘s, or the Guardian‘s. Neither is yours. There’s a very good chance this hundred-strong list won’t change how you feel about a particular film – or it might actually give you a fresh perspective. You’ll agree with me, you’ll shout at me, you’ll want to make your own end-of-year retrospective. In which case, good; that’s the only purpose these things have. To inspire discourse, debate, and to wax lyrical about all things good (and bad) in the ever-turning world of cinema.

But onward to 2013, the best year for movies in a long, long time; I look at the top 20 films I’ve compiled, and am struck by how indispensable, vital, and just plain brilliant each one of them is (though you’ll have to wait until I reveal such precious information). It kicks previous years out of the park. It’s a privilege to be a cinephile in such vibrant times, delighting in a veritable Garden of Eden from the comfort of a movie seat; superhero movies have been learning to tackle different strokes. Directors have been taking on difficult issues in modes way out of their comfort zones. Independent cinema has never been more fruitful in terms of great new work. The White House got destroyed twice. It was a bit thin on the ground for journalism (2012 was the year of the documentary), but even the docs that did appear made some of the biggest impressions. So please, tip your hat with me to 2013 by reading the list below, starting with numbers 100 through to 51. Entries 50 to 1 will have fully-fledged writing accompanying them, and will come soon. Oh, and these are all by UK release date, when they were first shown in cinemas on British shores. Here we go.

~ ~ ~

#100. Big Bad Wolves

#99. Le Week-end

#98. I Give it a Year

#97. American Mary

#96. Arbitrage

#95. Warm Bodies

#94. I Wish (Kiseki)

#93. White House Down

#92. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

#91. The Butler

#90. Lore

#89. In the House (Dans la maison)

#88. Shell

#87. Prince Avalanche

#86. Love is All You Need (Den skaldede frisør)

#85. The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

#84. The Croods

#83. The Gatekeepers

#82. Elysium

#81. Fast & Furious 6

#80. Stoker

#79. Monsters University

#78. I’m So Excited! (Los amantes pasajero)

#77. Easy Money (Snabba cash)

#76. Les Miserablés

#75. Bullhead (Rundskop)

#74. In Fear

#73. The Wall (Die Wand)

#72. Computer Chess

#71. Compliance

#70. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

#69. Don Jon

#68. Much Ado About Nothing

#67. Only God Forgives

#66. The Impossible

#65. Blancanieves

#64. Side Effects

#63. V/H/S/2

#62. Gangs of Wasseypur

#61. The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza)

#60. Man of Steel

#59. The Heat

#58. Frances Ha

#57. Blackfish

#56. All is Lost

#55. Django Unchained

#54. Like Father, Like Son (Soshite chichi ni naru)

#53. Thor: The Dark World

#52. Enough Said

#51. Lincoln

~ ~ ~

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