Superman: A few thoughts from a friend.


Fellow blogger Jamie Jones (his exquisitely attuned and observational blog can be found here) has written a brief(ish) bit of prose concerning Superman’s portrayal in today’s society. Take note, Zack Snyder.

‘If Superman were to exist today in this weary, cynical society, many people would be unable to accept or truly believe in him, sowing paranoia and mistrust towards his real purpose. Humans have shown to be unable to deal with the dizzying heights of perfection; we must always cause its ruin through our own self-loathing, obsessively trying to uncover its flawed aspects or taint it somehow, to bring it down and expose it by any means necessary. Paranoia would put him under heavy investigation. The military would try to use him. Other nations would feel threatened of his American heritage and his emergence would spark far more hostilities than he could ever hope to fix. If he ever was enough of a patriot to serve the U.S. government, he’d have to contend with the flawed American foreign policy and would find himself in a tangled political web, becoming the ultimate target. He’d garner religious and celebrity fanaticism which could lead to extremist acts. He’d suffer from paparazzi, gossip, smear campaigns and anti-Superman groups. TMZ would publish a story saying he raped Justin Bieber. Someone would go on a talk show saying he’s the father of their child. Oprah would interview him, and then write a book about the interview and then give an interview about the book she’s written, which somebody would write about. Taylor Swift would write a song about how they had a fling and that he’s an asshole; the song would be downloaded four billion times. He’d become big business, a franchise, and careers and lives and shares would hinge on him. His exploits would be publicised and given the Hollywood treatment for public consumption, divorced from the truth. He’d be ostracized and bullied by the fickle nature of public opinion, and those closest to him would be in a constant state of threat. He can leap tall buildings, but would he be able to hurdle over people’s world-hardened disillusionment? On the other hand he is Superman, which implies that he also harbours an infallible, iron resilience towards such things. It’s likely he wouldn’t give too big of a fuck, being as he is, incorruptible. Still, I for one hope the new movie goes some way to addressing this dichotomy of perceived perfection versus reality.’

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