Unmissable Short Films


Cinematic excellence doesn’t have to come in 90-minute slabs, so here I look at the very best short movies around. If you’ve got a little spare time, bang one of these beauties on – satisfaction guaranteed.

#8: Run [2012]

Twists. They can be fantastic, but can also fall flat – that’s because the entire narrative of a movie will rely on them. Ocean’s 11‘s twist is great because through the entire storyline, there are subtle yet intelligent hints at what the heist group are up to; The Book of Eli‘s twist is awful, because the entirety of the film fails because of its absurd logic. So Mat Johns’ Run, a short about a sweet traveller soul-searching, has a delicious twist because it’s inherent: it’s imbued in the voiceover, and the autumnal images – there’s a general pervaying mood of dread that feeds into our narrator’s bittersweet melancholy, and because of that, it works. Denzel Washington, take heed.

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