REVIEW: The Hangover: Part II

The Hangover: Part II



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The Hangover plays like a broken record. An extremely funny record.

Todd Phillips knew he had a winning formula – to the tune of $467 million international gross – with the surprise blockbuster The Hangover back in 2009. The obvious logic? Don’t fuck with that kind of formula.

The Wolfpack we know and love must find Stu’s soon-to-be brother in law, otherwise his wedding almost certainly won’t be happening. Away from Vegas, the danger level is stepped up to deep red as the guys traverse Bangkok in search for their lost comrade. Yes, that’s the formula I’m talking about. The exact formula. Actually, wait a minute… this is the same film as the first, isn’t it?

Be an angry film critic. Go on, get it out. Once you’ve accepted the fact that this a retread, the individual jokes of the film beginning trickling in, and each one brings a lot of laughs. For instance, there’s Chow’s ‘mushroom’, Stu’s unfortunate encounter in a strip club, and essentially everything that Alan does. Zach Galifianakis stole the first film, and does the same here. Every little moment Alan does deadpan, strange or slapstick, your sides will be hurting. He carries most of the film, and you’ll miss him every time he’s offscreen.

What works most is the central relationship between Stu, Phil and Alan, the  unwilling party people who make it through their own personal problems with each other while the scooby-doo mystery unfolds (or in some cases, explodes) around them. It’s all here, with some more stressing situations – such as being shot. In regards to actual story, TH:P2 takes its time leaving harbour: there’s enjoyable character set-up while at the hotel, but when they wake up to another shitstorm, it does take quite some time to set sail – and overall, the movie does feel a little long.

And so, The Hangover Part II  is literally a carbon copy of the original. The same non-linear story is here, with all the same twists and turns; the baby in Part I has been replaced with a monkey, to give you a basic idea. Most of the shots in the first ten minutes are framed exactly the same, with almost the same dialogue…  and this is where most critics, who have been absolutely panning the new movie, lose interest. I don’t blame them. They wanted a different film. Somehow, I just don’t care. Secretly, I think it’s what I wanted; more of the same. More of the same hilarious, crude, on-tone bromance humour. That’s what The Hangover: Part II is. I had a sick night, bitches.


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